A seasoned pro in the design industry with great strengths in spatial planning, design development, documentation and site liaison. Her meticulous attention to detail comes from spending over a decade creating stunning cabinetry and custom furniture – trust us, there’s not much this woman doesn’t know about joinery!

But Gil hasn’t always tinkered with timber and dabbled with detailing. In previous lives she’s worked in international freight, been responsible for the distribution of mining explosives (which brings a whole new meaning to design with a bang!) and has experience in high-end furniture showrooms. All of which means Gil brings a plethora of sought-after skills to every project – from razor-sharp attention to detail and mind-blowing organisational skills, to a knack for handling herself on a job site. While she may have left the explosives behind, this formidable lady still packs plenty of power!


A Turkish delight of a different kind! When Nesrin left her homeland eight years ago it certainly was Turkey’s loss and our gain. Her knowledge of CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) originally born from her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Construction and further refined over the past 19 years working in the design industry, is simply out of this world. This super-talented lady is the creator of insane drawings that give meticulous detail to even the most challenging designs. If she could keep drawing in her sleep she would, such is her love of CAD!

Nesrin is also a devoted mother, fishing fanatic and an avid reader of Turkish coffee cups. Her generous character and sunny smile mean she is a joy to work with. We also love that she can predict how our week is going to turn out!


With a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Degree in Interior Design, as well as a huge amount of experience in support roles within the creative industries both here and abroad, she is a rare breed indeed – both ridiculously creative and super organized. There is nothing this clever woman cannot handle…from wrestling software programs, creating beautiful design concepts and superbly balanced colour schemes, to finding unique one-off pieces for personally crafted spaces.

Her quirky sense of humour (she has some oh-so-bad but so good cheese jokes) and her dynamic personality, means Anna is a superbly talented being with a wonderful sense of style who is loads of fun to be around.


If anyone goes against the typical stereotype of a financial specialist, it is this fun-loving, infectiously joyful woman. With over 30 years working in the industry, she is a highly skilled chartered accountant who has an amazing gift for numbers. From synchronizing spreadsheets to balancing bottom lines, there is very little this one-woman powerhouse doesn’t know about finance.

A knit’n’Netflix obsessive (scarves for everyone!), Pettina is one super organized lady juggling three kids and full-time work. Somehow she also manages to fit in regular 5am Barre classes which means she keeps her body fit while also making sure our finances are in good shape.


While we may be all as different as chalk and cheese, we share the important stuff. Like honesty, integrity, and taking the time to really listen to our clients – so we can learn about their values, desires, interests, and business ethos.

We share a passion for creating spaces that truly reflect a client’s wants, needs, and business philosophy. Above all, we’re united in our belief that every space should tell a story – one that engages and inspires all who pass through its doors.